We care about the process

Lexicon Academics equips students with the life skills—from critical thinking and problem solving to logical deduction and effective writing—necessary to tackle complex questions and uncertainty with confidence. We help students pursue their intellectual curiosity and learn how to learn most effectively.

Our educational values guide our process:

Student self-sufficiency is our ultimate goal and top priority. 

In every lesson, we encourage students to reflect on their strengths, struggles, and work habits. Through this process, they gain the self-awareness and confidence to succeed independently.

Positive expectations and positive reinforcement yield remarkable results.

We believe in our students’ ability to succeed and constantly challenge them to exceed their own expectations.

No two students are the same.

Our students embody a wide array of learning styles, strengths, and goals. In response, our lessons and curricula are customized to address their unique needs, cultivate their passions, and maximize their talents.

Effective education is active, creative, fun, and relevant.

We encourage student engagement through stimulating dialogue, “real world” application, meaningful exploration, and of course, humor. We believe that mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn, and urge our students to take risks in their thinking.

There are no shortcuts to real achievement.

Long-term success requires dedication, rigor, consistency, and discipline.

Learning is an iterative endeavor. 

Throughout the learning process, we communicate openly with our students (both seeking and providing regular feedback) in order to continuously hone their skills and improve their experience.

Mutual respect is the foundation of every great educational experience.

We care about our students

We care about our students and they know it. From the beginning of our relationship with students and parents, we prioritize their needs, whether accommodating a particular learning style, finding a tutor who’s the right “fit,” or working around a tight schedule. We ask the right questions, listen closely to our students’ answers, and think creatively about how to facilitate their learning. This constantly evolving dialogue is the foundation of our teaching philosophy. It empowers students to be active participants in their education, which leads not only to academic success, but also to increased confidence and self-sufficiency.

Our experience and approach has enabled us to build long-term, meaningful relationships with students and their families that often outlast our professional involvement.

We care about integrity

Tutoring is an academic and personal endeavor. Students and families open their homes to our tutors, and trust that we prioritize their best interests. We take this privilege and responsibility very seriously, and continually focus on mentoring and modeling best practices for our students.

Above all, we never forget that our integrity is our greatest asset. To this end, we do not—under any circumstances—engage in unethical or questionable academic behavior. We believe that such behavior is not only immoral, but also ultimately detrimental to our students’ self-esteem, growth, and sense of autonomy.

We care about service

Lexicon Academics aims to provide more than just a stellar educational experience. We strive to exceed our students’ expectations through active listening, consistent guidance, responsiveness, and flexibility. We want our students and clients to feel comfortable, valued, and respected in every interaction.

If something is not right, we are determined to fix it.
If we don’t know the answer, we will work together to find it.

Lexicon Academics is strongly committed to equality in education. Whenever possible, we provide financial assistance to students and families in need.