Application to graduate or professional school is vastly different than the undergraduate application process.

Admissions committees seek candidates who not only possess exceptional academic, professional, and (for some) research credentials, but also exhibit marked potential for scholarly or professional achievement, innovation, and leadership. In order to gain admission to these highly competitive programs, applicants must therefore demonstrate focused goals, interests, and career aspirations, as well as clearly defined motives for pursuing the degree.

This process can be daunting for any applicant, and particularly so for career changers, candidates from non-traditional backgrounds, or applicants returning to school at a later stage in life. Simultaneously exciting and stressful, this process requires significant planning, initiative, hard work, and creativity to ensure that applicants distinguish themselves and navigate wisely.

Our experienced admissions consultants support candidates throughout their journey, providing all of the following services:

  • School list generation
  • Long-term planning and scheduling
  • Application strategy development
  • Standardized test tutoring and advice
  • Personal statement development and revision
  • Résumé preparation
  • Recommendations advisement
  • Interview coaching

Statement of Purpose and Essay Development

Application essays such as the statement of purpose play a critical role in graduate admissions, as they provide a specific and nuanced account of a candidate’s assets, experiences, interests, and commitment to advanced study. An exceptional essay humanizes and animates an application, revealing the intangible qualities which distinguish an individual, such as intellectual curiosity, cultural diversity, integrity, leadership skills, passion, and ingenuity. Simultaneously, the essay persuasively argues for a candidate’s compatibility and promise within a particular academic institution and community.

Yet, the statement and essays are often a source of overwhelming anxiety and confusion for applicants, due to their critical role in admissions decisions and the significant introspection and specificity they require. For this reason, our consultants thoughtfully guide candidates through the essay development process, from initial conversations and brainstorming to final revisions and application submission.

Through active listening, ongoing dialogue, structured assignments, and constructive feedback, we help prospective students accentuate their strengths and contextualize their weaknesses most effectively. Rather than shape candidates to fit an idealized mold, we help them identify, develop, and articulate the qualities that set them apart from others. While this writing and revision process is rarely easy, applicants often refer to it in retrospect as an enlightening and satisfying experience.

International Applicants

We have a number of admissions consultants who specialize in working with international applicants. Please contact us for more information.