The application process is a wonderful opportunity for students to reflect on their academic interests, personal priorities, and professional goals, while choosing a home for the upcoming four years. Simultaneously exciting and stressful, this process requires significant planning, initiative, hard work, and creativity to ensure that applicants distinguish themselves and navigate wisely. We provide personalized attention, experience, structure and feedback to help students and families maintain a balanced perspective on college admissions.

Our experienced admissions consultants support students and families throughout their journey, providing all of the following services:

• College list generation
• Long-term planning and scheduling
• Standardized test tutoring and advice
• Personal statement development and revision
• Activity sheet / résumé preparation
• Course selection and academic counseling
• Extracurricular and summer activities guidance
• Recommendations advisement
• Interview coaching

Personal Statement Development

The personal statement plays a critical role in the college application, as it highlights the unquantifiable yet essential characteristics which transcend an applicant’s rankings, transcripts, or score reports. The college essay humanizes and animates the application, revealing the intangible qualities which distinguish an individual, such as intellectual curiosity, cultural diversity, integrity, leadership skills, passion, and ingenuity. A great personal statement emotionally connects a reader with an applicant, while emphasizing that applicant’s fit with the school.

Yet, the essay is often a source of overwhelming anxiety for students, due to its critical role in admissions decisions and the significant introspection it requires. For this reason, our consultants thoughtfully guide students through the essay development process, from initial conversations and brainstorming to final revisions and application submission.

Through active listening, ongoing dialogue, structured assignments, and constructive feedback, we help candidates accentuate their strengths and contextualize their weaknesses most effectively. Rather than shape students to fit an idealized mold, we teach applicants how to identify, develop, and articulate the qualities that set them apart from others, while preserving their distinctive voices. In doing so, our consultants empower students to value their inimitable perspectives and imaginations — a lesson that endures far beyond the application season itself. While this writing and revision process is rarely easy, students often refer to it in retrospect as one of their most satisfying and memorable learning experiences.

International Applicants

We have a number of admissions consultants who specialize in working with international applicants. Please contact us for more information.