Lexicon Academics was founded on the belief that a meaningful and effective educational experience empowers and challenges students, while equipping them with the tools to achieve academic success. Our progressive approach emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, active learning, student self-sufficiency, and creativity.

At once pragmatic and idealistic, we aim to make every learning experience count. We view all learningfrom targeted exam prep to enrichment studyas opportunities for our students to develop through engaging, rigorous, and personally relevant work.

We believe that great tutoring complements and enhances traditional classroom learning. To that end, Lexicon regularly partners with teachers and schools to provide the most comprehensive educational assistance possible. In some instances, our tutors offer alternative educational support and homeschooling for students with untraditional learning needs or extenuating life circumstances.

Currently, we provide academic tutoringstandardized test preparation, admissions consultinghomeschooling, and enrichment learning services for K-12, college, and graduate school students, as well as lifelong learners. We also provide corporate services.